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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Results Of 'Rename The Emperor' Poll

Posted by The Evil Emperor Mindstation @ 5/26/2005 09:14:00 PM

As faithful readers know, a poll has been started on the side bar which offers a chance to rename me after my spiritual conversion. The results of the polls are in, so without further adieu, the winning name of the contest is...


Did you honestly think that I, The Evil Emperor Mindstation, would actually allow you mortals to choose me a new name? I was never going to change my name! I staged this contest to fool you and watch maniacally through my computer screen as you writhed in agony like the craven whore's progeny that your are! How does it feel to be outsmarted in such a torturous fashion?


I can feel the pains you endure as the weight of my +2 warhammer of pain comes crashing down upon your brittle shield of ignorance! I feed off your suffering as you contemplate the awful might of my remorseless barrage of deception!


And worst of all, next week I will come back with a new poll and, like the wretched curs that you are, you will fall for my devious trap of lies. Then as I fill this blog with a rising sea of BWAHAHAHAs, you will know the true pain of the lacerating anguish that is my wrath! None can stop my brutal campaign of pain and sorrow! All shall be destroyed!




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