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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Volunteer Border Patrol Upsets "Real" Border Patrol

Posted by The Evil Emperor Mindstation @ 4/06/2005 06:20:00 PM

John Hansan of the Mexico-America border watchdog agency MABWA has issued these helpful pointers in discerning "real" border patrol agents from volunteers.

  • Volunteers are concerned about the effect on our nation on illegal immigration; "real" agents are concerned about angering Washington with too many deportations
  • Volunteers agents worry about the repercussions of angering the men they call "coyotes"; "real" agents worry about the repercussions of angering the man they call "Fox"
  • Volunteers respect the laws of America and obey all posted speed limits; "real" agents respect all laws of America, except those dealing with immigration
  • Volunteers are trained to observe immigrant crossing points from a safe distance; "real" agents are trained to be nowhere near crossing points


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