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Saturday, July 02, 2005

World's 9th Poorest Man Found in Walton Wreckage

Posted by a4g @ 7/02/2005 09:26:00 AM

Crash investigators sifting through the wreckage of WalMart heir John Walton's plane made a gruesome discovery late Friday afternoon. Beneath the fuselage of the lightweight craft, they discovered the body of a middle aged man who was apparently on the ground when the experimental private airplane crashed soon after takeoff on Monday, also taking the life of its pilot, John T. Walton, a philanthropist listed by Forbes as the world's 11th wealthiest man.

Mason Johnson, seen here in happier times.
The remains of the man were identified early this morning by Jackson, Wyoming coroner's department as Mason Johnson, listed by Forbes as the world's 9th poorest man.

Mr. Johnson, an alcoholic and frequent drug abuser, has been on the Forbes list continuously since 1993, dropping out only once in 1998, when he was unable to blow through the $117 winnings from a found lottery ticket on a binge of cheap port wine before the cutoff date of that year's list.

According to Tim Mulgrew, one of the crash investigators, "We believe Mr. Johnson was in some sort of experimental housing unit, which was self-built, and constructed of lightweight materials such as cardboard and canvas, stretched over a lightweight support structure."

"I'll miss him," said Blrahsifidge (it sounded something like that), a friend and sometimes dinner guest of Johnson. "He could spit something fierce."

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At 7/03/2005 10:02:00 PM, Blogger UNIONIST ...
I think you got your facts mixed up? I read that Forbes article, I though that George Bailey was the 9th poorest man in the world. Was there not a quote from one of his friends about “if you have friends you are the richest man in world”. Maybe you should get your facts straight, I saw Mr. Johnson with Ophra just before they went into that French store together or were they standing outside wanting to get in, I just don’t remember. I know how much Five Points wants be right about anything that publish on your blog site? Right

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