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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Egyptian's Kidnapping Signals Zarqawi Wants Judgeship

Posted by a4g @ 7/06/2005 05:30:00 AM

Muslim is turning against muslim in a war of words and beheadings that threatens to open a new, deadly chapter in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A dramatic shift in tactics by Al-Qaida in Iraq has precipitated the kidnapping of the top Egyptian envoy in Iraq, as well as attacks against two other Arab diplomats in just the last three days. A Web statement Tuesday claimed responsibility in the name of Al-Qaida in Iraq for the kidnapping of Egyptian diplomat Ihad al-Sherif.

"...therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them..."
While some have speculated this is a sign of growing desperation on the part of foreign terrorists operating within Iraq, Point Five has learned that the terrorist group is angry over al-Sherif's description of them as Islamic "Strict Constructionists" versus their preferred self-description, "Originalists."

In a videotaped statement broadcast by Al-Jazeera, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi denounced the term "Constructionist" as anti-Islam hate speech. "Construction is for infidel American contractors! There is no place in Islam for Construction! We are Originalists, following in the model of the Prophet!"

It is believed that Zarqawi is carefully grooming his image in hopes of being nominated to a judgeship on the new Iraqi Supreme Judicial Court. Since last year, he began releasing a series of promotional beheading videos highlighting his firm grasp of Islamic law.

"He's definitely brings strong credentials for his work in beheading," said Abu Al-Agca, a diplomat within the new Iraqi government. "But he lacks the roundedness that we are looking for in a Supreme Judicial Court nominee. We have not seen any serious work on his part in stoning, hand-chopping, or honor killing. Without these, I don't see how he could be considered a serious contender."

But Zarqawi seems undaunted, ordering those under his command to continue the suicide bombings which have plagued Iraq for over a year. A tactic which Al-Agca denounces as squarely at odds with Zarqawi's intent.

"The idea that a future judge would be engaged in the wholesale massacre of fellow Arabs just shows Zarqawi's tragic ignorance. The place of a Islamic judge is to order killings in ones and twos. In Iraq, the kind of mass slaughter in which he engages is traditionally reserved for the executive branch."

Get The Real Story:

Jawa Report comments, open posted on Mudville Gazette, basil's blog, and OTB. UPDATE: Captain Ed reports the f**king animals have executed al-Sherif. Damn I want these people dead. My fuse grows shorter every day with the caterwauling of the left.


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