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Monday, June 20, 2005

Republicans to Rove: Don't Get Cocky Over DSM

Posted by a4g @ 6/20/2005 04:39:00 AM

With the revelation that the only proof of the authenticity of the Downing Street Memos (DSM), is the word of a British journalist, who admitted that his only copies are versions that he personally hand-typed, memories of the infamous TANG memos have been revived.

The Downing Street Memo, or "DSM", as named by originator Karl Rove, is a not-so-subtle dig at his intellectually inferior political opponents.
Left leaning analysts and bloggers are already leveling accusations at the ever-devious Karl Rove, whose rapacious love of humiliating Democrats is understandably legendary. But top Republicans are beginning to question the mastermind's deft touch, and wondering if he is becoming overly confident after his many years of triumphs.

"I don't know how the liberals could have missed the joke," says one top Republican operative, who feared speaking about Rove without promises of the strictest confidentiality. "I mean Downing Street Memo, 'DSM'. Very funny. I understand that naming your latest planted scandal after a manual for diagnosing mental disorders may be amusing, but I'm worried that Karl is starting to get sloppy. Leaving tracks where before he was always sure to remain squeaky clean."

Others disagree. An old friend talked to Point Five, requiring the same fear-based confidentiality: "With Karl, its all about topping himself. I mean, only mental patients would take Karl's bait; that's always been the joke. When Karl dressed up in the Carmen Miranda outfit, complete with makeup and the fruit basket hat, I told him there was no way they would buy it... But Karl just said 'Me no comprende, senor. Me name Luci Ramirez. Me show you, they believe!' And sure enough, they did. So if they bought it with the TANG documents, why not call the next batch DSM?"

As of now, it appears Rove's position is safe, as the entire left half of the blogosphere continues frothing at the mouth over the non-issue, and even Democratic Senators were intimating thoughts of impeachment over an unseen document of questionable provenance, with the joke moniker "DSM". It remains to be seen just how far Rove can go before his mental patient adversaries wise up.

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