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Monday, June 13, 2005

Republicans Prepare for New Hillary Expose

Posted by a4g @ 6/13/2005 06:30:00 AM

"You were way better than Juanita Broaddrick, baby"
As news leaks out from the upcoming blockbuster expose on Hillary Clinton, Edward Klein's "The Truth About Hillary," average Republicans are preparing themselves to believe every word of it.

"There's very little he can slime her with that we haven't secretly thought," says Mark A. Logram, of PoliticalConnection, a respected conservative blogger. "We're not sure what's coming, but we're damn sure going to believe it. Lesbianism, rape, murder, sure, why not?"

Conservative talk is also gearing up to accept as gospel whatever the book says. A top talker spoke with Point Five over the weekend: "Listen, we can't stand the lies and trash that's been written about Reagan, Bush, and every other prominent Republican. They've all been indefensible smears. But this Hillary book, now that looks interesting. I mean, didn't you just know?"

Yes, we did, Mr. Talker. We most certainly did.

UPDATE: Somehow, I expected the reaction that the Drudge headline has been getting around the 'sphere, which has varied between dismissing it outright and treating it as not worth comment (i.e. not posting at all). Takes the punch out of the humor, but does invite comparisons with the wild accusations continually leveled against Bush, et al, which seem to be widely adopted from the DUmpster all the way to the head of the DNC. -- a4g


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