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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

John Kerry Counters Bush With Stunning New War Plan

Posted by a4g @ 6/29/2005 06:34:00 AM

Get out now, or stay the course?

Stretched too thin, or not enough troops?

Irresolvable quagmire, or salvagable with the right plan?

"To be honest, our Democratic message has been a little muddled," said Senator John Kerry, in an exclusive sit-down with Point Five. "But one thing we all agree on: Timetable. We've got to explicitly set dates for everything everywhere."

Facing seemingly contradictory polling numbers, top Democrats have banded together to lead an effort to take the lead in the war effort, and counter charges that they are merely obstructionists committed to thwarting President Bush even at the price of American defeat. Led by John Kerry, who issued a stinging pre-emptive strike against President Bush's speech last night with his own powerhouse screed from the floor of the Senate, the group is planning on revolutionizing modern warfare.

"If you've ever talked with a liberal, you'll know we're all military experts. We've found a way to turn that expertise into real-world action."

Kerry, showing his grasp of not only cocktail hour, but also the intricacies of strategy, tactics and international diplomacy, has founded a website called "Wikistrategy," where all future US war planning will be worked out using open source principles and distributed intelligence.

"It provides, realtime, a solid timetable for the American people."

Click on the image below for a first-ever peek at John's Kerry's "Wikistrategy."

Get The Real Story:

Captain Ed is analyzing the media reaction to the speech, Jayson at Polipundit has noticed the Schizoprenia

UPDATE: Looks like life is imitating satire yet again. Evidently someone in the DNC reads Point Five.

Linked on Mudville and the Traffic Jam.


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