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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Newsweek Poll Shows Broad Approval For "Day America Died" Cover

Posted by a4g @ 5/24/2005 06:42:00 AM

Over 8 in 10 Americans love the snazzy style and bitter anti-Americanism of Newsweek
Newsweek, which has been at the heart of a series of controversies over the last weeks, today announced the results from a Newsweek poll that show broad support for the magazine and its editorial policies. The poll, conducted late last week and surveying 618 adults, asked questions about the newsmagazine, the controversies surrounding it, and its editorial policies.

Newsweek reports that when asked about the cover of its Japanese edition, depicting the American flag in the trash and sporting the caption "The Day America Died", 86% of those surveyed "support or strongly support" Newsweek.

When asked about the infamous "Koran flushing" story, 74% of respondants "supported or strongly support" Newsweek.

Here are the actual polling questions as provided to Point Five:

  1. Do you support Newsweek's cover, or al-Zarqawi and the murderous terrorists trying to kill our troops in Iraq?

  2. Do you support Newsweek's version of the Gitmo/Koran flushing story, or the satanic sacrifice of kidnapped children?

  3. Do you prefer to get your news from a weekly newsmagazine, such as Newsweek, or smash bricks into your head with one hand while gouging out your eyes with a red hot poker with the other?

  4. Do you feel it was inappropriate for Bush administration officials to criticize Newsweek, or do you advocate-- and practice-- sexual relations with barnyard animals?

  5. Would you like to buy a subscription to Newsweek? I can offer you a great discounted rate at over 58% off the newsstand price. That's just pennies a day for the finest in news, commentary, and opinion. Or would you like me to report you to the authorities as an escaped felon holed up in your residence with a gun?


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