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Monday, April 11, 2005

Senate Democrats Offer Compromise In Bolton Nomination

Posted by a4g @ 4/11/2005 02:58:00 PM

Senate Democrats, lead by ranking Foreign Relations Committee Senator Joseph Biden, today offered Republican lawmakers a compromise on the controversial appointment of John Bolton to the UN Ambassadorship.

"What we're suggesting," said Biden, "is a bi-partisan way to speed the Bolton nomination through to the full senate. The UN is far too important an institution to let partisan bickering get in the way."

Controversial nominee Bolton brings fire to Senate confirmation process

Biden and Republican Lincoln Chaffee have proposed the bi-partisan solution of substituting Michael Bolton for the less palatable John Bolton.

Norm Coleman (R, MN) showed visible outrage at the suggestion. "How anyone could call Michael Bolton palatable is completely beyond my comprehension."

Non-controversial nominee Bolton brings contemporary soft rock to Senate confirmation process

Mel Martinez (R, FL), although unwilling to offering comment on the record, was seen passing out a talking points memo that stated that the Michael Bolton issue could be "politically advantageous" for the Republicans because "it shows just how out of the mainstream Democrats are," drawing a parallel between Bolton's career and "a culture of death."


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