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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Point Five Interviews Prof Carl Dorning (Bolton Excerpt)

Posted by a4g @ 4/14/2005 06:57:00 AM

Teaming with Mr. Hawking has given us access to the world of academia. Here is an excerpt from an interview we conducted with Professor of Information Science Carl Dorning, an expert on computer programming, where the talk moved to the subject of the confirmation hearings on John Bolton:

POINT FIVE: So you're saying that the Senate confirmation process, and the behavior of the Democrats, is related to information theory?

PROF DORNING: You have to understand the liberal mentality as a hive-mind, one that has to be methodically programmed. I hate to be blunt, but these people are -- how shall I say -- slow on the uptake. They need a good week of drilling the same meme into their heads -- Bolton evil, Bolton mean, Bolton bully -- in order to be sure that the thought sticks. Once it sticks, its there for good. That's why so many of them still call Iraq a quagmire, despite all evidence to the contrary.

POINT FIVE: So when liberals complain of collusion among the Republicans and the new media, that Rush and Hannity are talking about the 'talking points' topics a half-hour after they are first raised...

PROF DORNING: Exactly! It only takes a conservative an instant to understand any given story, because he has an internal set of values to draw upon. Usually, because he believes in doing what's right, it doesn't make for a very complicated process. The computing of right and wrong has been pre-processed years before, the way a search engine pre-sorts data from the internet to speed up searches. A liberal, on the other hand, has to feel the pulse of his hive-brothers, find a consensus, wring his hands about all the infinite possible consequences. With their centralized -planning way of thinking, they can't conceive of a system fast enough to distribute the meme as quickly as the distributed, individually based system of the conservatives. Its actually very interesting from a programming standpoint.

POINT FIVE: So we can expect many more contentious hearings?

PROF DORNING: I think its a virtual certainty.

- 4/11/05 - Compromise in Bolton Nomination
- 3/8/05 - John Bolton Nominated


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At 4/14/2005 11:23:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous ...
Your just making this up. Democrats just like to consider the facts before they make a decision, they aren't evil like evil republicans. And Iraq is a quagmire! Tell me how many wars have ever lasted this long?

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