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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

ABC's Supernanny on a Super new Adventure!

Posted by a4g @ 4/20/2005 09:59:00 PM

Supernanny takes on the Palestinian problem in this weeks episode

ABC's surprise new hit show Supernanny is taking on the task of the season in next week's episode guaranteed to bring laughter, tears and joy to all. The tough as nails Supernanny Jo Frost will have her hands full when she takes on a family of Palestinian troublemakers whose parents are 'terrorized' daily.

"She's always had a gift for connecting with kids on their own level, and began babysitting as a teenager." But Jo will have her work cut out for her this week.

"Your behavior is very naughty!" she tells the gun-toting Mohammed, Muhammed, and Mohomad, the three boys of Mohomoud Muhumed, and his wife, Sharia.

Part of her secret is the schedule which she insists every family learn to follow, to give structure to their busy lives.

The two remaining Muhumed boys dream of joining their recently martyred brother

7:30 Wake up
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Participate in anti-Israel demonstration
10:30 Gun safety
11:00 The suicide belt and you
12:00 A light lunch
1:00 Koran study
2:30 Afternoon anti-Israel demonstration
4:00 Avenge family honor against any shameful acts of women
5:00 Family Dinner
6:00 Abu Mazen's on Palestinian TV!
7:00 Bed time!


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