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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Preparing for A Long, Hard Winter

Posted by a4g @ 3/05/2005 09:49:00 AM

Democrats are digging in for a cruel winter of hardship and sorrow. A sense of dread, disappointment and depression has settled over the once supremely powerful political party. But Democrat strategists and liberal pundits place the blame for this bleak, bleary state with an unlikely source: Howard Dean.

"The first week was unbelievable--I was euphoric, a fantasy come true," says Linda Koslovski, a Democrat fundraiser from the battleground state of Ohio. "He said everything we've all been thinking--oh how we hate Republicans."

But Dean's chairmanship of the DNC has taken a decidedly controversial tone. "It's been two days, and he hasn't said anything good," complains Chad Logan, of the Florida Young Democrats. "No 'I Hate Republicans', no 'they're evil, we're good' -- who does this guy think he is? Come on, Dean, did you sell out to the machine?"

Democrats are wondering how long the drought will last. "It's painful. Actually physically painful," says Sarah Yui. "We already live in this oppressive Bushitler police state where the Hatriot Act constricts our every movement, and then to know that Dean just won't say anything about it! He's been doing nothing for over 42 hours-- Nothing! I CAN'T TAKE IT!"

Protestors are considering campus unrest if the situation continues. United Action, a UC Berkeley based group, issued the following statement: "We're giving Dean the opportunity to appear on a Sunday show, like This Week, or Tim Russert. He knows what we want to hear. That is our absolute deadline before we begin campuswide resistive action."

We were unable to contact Dean when preparing this article.


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At 3/05/2005 10:20:00 AM, Anonymous FightThePower ...
Do you remember when Dean said that he hated Republicans? I can remember where I was when I heard that, man.

Damn that was awesome. I don't care what these idiots say, it was UNBELIEVABLE. Nobody else can say that kind of sh&^ and get away with it like Dean. He sticks it to the wing nuts and just rips it all away. Everything man, just ripped away and nothing is left but their bullsh&^.


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